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 a gentle heat that brings

focus to the moment

Find our signature scotch bonnet hot sauce at the

following fine establishments in Maine...

Treats - Wiscasset

Sheepscot General - Whitefield

Shuck Station - Newcastle (summer)

Riverside Butcher- Damariscotta

Damariscotta River Cruises - Damariscotta (summer)

Now You're Cooking -  Bath

Community Shellfish - Bremen 

Glidden Point Oysters - Edgecomb (summer)

Brother Shucker at Boothbay Craft Brewery -Boothbay

Pinkham's Gourmet Seafood Market - Boothbay

Goods Maine - Camden

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Everything's fresh here at Solsa!

select organic peppers
and local produce
ripened by the sun
minimally processed,
 small batches

try it on your favorite... 


try it on...


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